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Deep Competences and Knowledges in Semiconductor, Microelectronic and Automation, are the Bridge’s main Assets.
More than 25 years experience in Electronic, Mechanical and SW are combined in a Unique Company.

Automation Solutions

UN1 - Innovative and Unique Robotic Cell Based on Standard platform, fully configurable for In line activities. Fantasy and Creativity are the only limits.

Glad to be Bridge

Bridge is driven by a vision: to provide added value through a professional support for Semiconductors and Microelectronics processes. Its Semiconductors and Microelectronics processes competences, combined with Automation deep knowledges, ensure the customers a real valuable benefit.

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Know how
Bridge Key points

Bridge Automation is the valuable partner, capable of providing turn key solutions, based on standard equipment. Bridge can provide a full support, including equipment, applications, service, pallet or carrier development and manufacturing, mandatory for fast and smooth ramp up in mass production.



Its competitiveness is usually appreciated also for engineering and lab solution. Bridge is mainly focused in Semiconductors and Microelectronics processes, improving the turn key solution with tailored Automation.


FUTURA and UN1 standard machine Platforms for Laser Marking and Production innovative solutions, fully developed by BRIDGE!



For a full support, Care department is fully caring customers for service, applications, trainings, upgrades, interventions and specific requirement analysis.


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